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Wonderware Intouch 10.1 Free Download Crack [Latest-2022]




all updated fwereade: it's a great start, but still a bit hit-and-miss. fwereade: if you run "go test" and then "go test -cpu 1" (or the other cpu test you prefer) and then "go test -race", you should see about twice as many failed tests. rogpeppe, hmm, that's actually not my experience -- go seems to prefer using all the cpu it can get (as long as the number of cores available is greater than 1) fwereade: it's not difficult to make it use more cpu though fwereade: "go test -short" fwereade: (do you know about the -short option?) fwereade: i'm actually surprised that this didn't make it into the list of things to try fwereade: i was testing this morning, and if i only run it with one core then it's much slower. fwereade: but it's a good idea. rogpeppe, I'll definitely do it in the next day or two fwereade: great! fwereade: i haven't done any full tests on the peer-to-peer stuff yet fwereade: i'm a bit worried about latency issues atm fwereade: but i guess it's ok - if it looks like the right thing then we can go for it. fwereade: i'm not sure how all the peer-to-peer plumbing is organised, but i'm sure there are lots of options. fwereade: what are your thoughts? rogpeppe, my thought has been to make it build fwereade: as long as it works, i'd be happy rogpeppe, and then run it against something over the network fwereade: and have it save the results to a temp file for you to check afterwards? fwereade:




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Wonderware Intouch 10.1 Free Download Crack [Latest-2022]

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