Sometimes You Don't Have To Heal. You Just Have To Address Some Unresolved Issues.

We can't be confused with having to always heal with just addressing unresolved issues. Being in state of always thinking that we are the problem and needing to be fixed or healed can leave you in a state of confusion. I recently experienced this I was in a state of thinking that there was something wrong with me when it was only an resolved issue I had with someone that was still hovering around me. This kind of energy was blocking me from experiencing the things that I want to experience. The way I found out about this issue was through a reading I had with someone. This reader told me told me that someone was still clinging on to my energy and holding the grudge and at first this shocked me but I was prepared to address it.

This is where the healed version of me stepped in and actually handled the situation. I reached out to them and apologized for how the whole situation played out. Before this I would not admit any fault and would just try to ignore it like nothing happened between us. This showed me that the inner work does pay off because after I did that everything was more clear and I felt very light. If you think that you are in a situation where you know that you did the inner work and you still feel stuck or in a place of confusion you should look deep within and really think about your past connections to see if there are any unresolved issues so you can really move on.

Author Kurt Kaptain Norton

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I called this The Art Of Being Aware.

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