How To Prepare And What To Expect With This New Moon Solar Eclipse

This New Moon Eclipse is happening during Sagittarius season and this means that major opportunities will be presented. This is a time to be optimistic about starting anything new and allowing the old things to fall. Be very mindful about your emotions because this moon can expand the things you are worried about. That means to replace any negative thinking with positive thinking and be mindful of your vibration. Take time out to start your business or start a relationship. Take that trip and do something new and learn something new expand your mind. This energy is all about expanding on the things that you really want to experience and not just thinking about or talking about it. This is the big energy of being about it.

This is how you can prepare for this new moon. First clean out your closet and then clean your whole house. Delete people from your phone and social media accounts. You want to start this month with a clean slate so you can make room for new people, ideas and energy to come through. If you do rituals you can spice it up by adding one or two more candles to it. You can add special oils to make the scent more potent. This time it's all about feeling good and free. Drink plenty of water and ground yourself during this time because the energy will be very high and you don't want to go too high out there.

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